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Paints from AKAN for Greek fighters 2


AKAN announced the second release of an Acrylic set of paints for Greek fighters.

New paints from AKAN for Greek fighters is one of their latest releases. The set is the series 47702 – Camouflage SEA Vietnam: A-7H/E, TA-7C/H, F-5A/B, F/RF-4E, F/RF-84F, F/TF-102A, RF-5A, F/TF/RF-104G, T-2C/E, T-33A, C-130B/H, C-47, Do-28D, YS-11A and Camouflage Desert Ex-Jordan: F-5A/B. The set covers various schemes and camouflages that Hellenic fighters using. The paints was originated from the chips of FS (Federal Standards) colors since the Hellenic aircraft’s used in first place and preserve the same coloring codes. 

Here are the set photos:


Greek set Part 2